Foodmaker's mission is clear: making healthy food accessible and affordable for everyone.
To reinforce that mission, we are introducing a new lifestyle brand: FDMKR.

FDMKR stands for a positive mindset and lifestyle: take care of your body, eat healthy, sinning is allowed every now and then and exercise regularly. But do it in style.

In addition to nutrition, we also stimulate exercise. Foodmaker has a natural link with sports. Lieven, CEO and founder of Foodmaker, and his team are all recreational athletes. They run the Antwerp 10 Miles or cycle to the Ardennes for a team building.

Foodmaker partners up with various top sports clubs and top athletes. It started with outfits for the team, but Lieven dreamt of more… “We discussed our ideas with Elodie Ouédraogo,” explains Lieven. “Elo is a longtime friend of Foodmaker as she is married to Jeroom, our creative director. Elo and her business partner Olivia Borlée have their own successful fashion brand but were willing to design a clothing line for FDMKR.” A dream came true for Lieven and his team.

FDMKR is fashion and sports. The best quality, sustainably produced and affordable.


Elo and olivia: “Foodmaker has successfully created its own world and its own environment. Therefore it has been able to capture a subculture: the FDMKR crew. People who are mindful of what they put in and on their body.

Today Foodmaker is branching out into new ventures by launching FDMKR. The first result is a high-end, eco-conscious lifestyle label existing of clothing embedded in a cultural conversation, elevated with a fresh appeal.

FDMKR has an eye for functionality as much as form and fit. Cool and easy-going design, advanced techniques interspersed with technical fabrics and carefully considered logo’s.

FDMKR is off-beat fashion at its finest.”


Sports and a healthy lifestyle are inextricably connected for Foodmaker so a strong collaboration with the Alpecin-Fenix team only seems logical. Expect to see the tastemakers in the world of cycling representing the FDMKR logo in a product range of stylish, qualitative teamwear. Designed to feel comfortable before and after the race, created to win.